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This work package will ensure a close connection between the ProteomeXchange consortium and the wider proteomics community. We will raise community awareness for the services provided by the ProteomeXchange consortium, from data submission support to different views on ProteomeXchange data, but also for the increasingly stringent requirements for data availability as part of the proteomics publication process. Through the existing framework of the HUPO PSI, we will ensure broad community input into the services developed by the ProteomeXchange consortium and the standards for quantitative proteomics data representation developed in this proposal.
We will use the usual channels for scientific results dissemination, in particular scientific publications and conference contributions. However, reflecting the key role of standards and public data availability, we aim to engage the proteomics community significantly beyond these traditional channels. A major forum for community feedback on standards and services developed by the ProteomeXchange consortium will be the spring meeting of the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative, which has been held regularly since 2002, with recent participant numbers between 60 and 100. This intensive, workshop-style event has sustained an intensive dialog between mass spectrometry instrument vendors, search engine providers, experimentalists, data resources, and journals. In this proposal, we are requesting significant travel funding to allow us to support travel expenses for this meeting by a broad range of participants, drawn from the group of stakeholders supporting this proposal, but also dynamically reacting to requests from new participants recruited through our dissemination activities. As a consequence, the reports of the meetings will be published in the journal PROTEOMICS. Using modern web technologies, we will develop an initial and an updated web tutorial "Proteomics Data Deposition and Dissemination through ProteomeXchange”. These will be disseminated through partner websites, links from conferences, and announcements on the project web site. As soon as the ProteomeXchange infrastructure is operational (M18), we start providing at lease four training workshops on mass spectrometry data deposition, dissemination, and access. The duration will be one or two days, depending on the host requirements, and will normally be provided in conjunction with either larger workshops like the well-established EMBL-EBI training workshops, or international conferences.