The ProteomeXchange Consortium has been set up to provide a globally coordinated submission of mass spectrometry proteomics data to the main existing proteomics repositories, and to encourage optimal data dissemination. Please review our Data Submission Guidelines and PX Membership Agreement.

See also the original Nature Biotechnology publication and the 2017 update paper.

Public Data

Public PXD datasets can be browsed over at ProteomeCentral. An RSS feed is also available.

Data Submission

ProteomeXchange fully supports both MS/MS proteomics and SRM data submission. Submissions of other types of proteomics data is also possible using the Partial Submission mechanism.

Member repositories

The founding members of ProteomeXchange are PRIDE , the PRoteomics IDEntifications Database at the European Bioinformatics Institute, based in Hinxton, UK and PeptideAtlas, part of the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle, USA. Since the launch MassIVE has joined as well. The latest addition to ProteomeXchange is jPost.

How to Cite ProteomeXchange

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