Bulk Submission

Bulk submission is mainly for submissions that contain a large set of data files, for example, more than 200 files, it helps to avoid manually assigning all the required information. 

What is required?

For each bulk submission, two types of information are required:

Type Description
Experiment data files The files you want to submit to the ProteomeXchange, such as: raw instrument outputs, protein/peptide identification results.
Submission summary file

This file captures the descriptive information about a ProteomeXchange submission, such as: experimental metadata, file relationships,  and etc. 

We recommend you to generate this file programmatically following the file format below:


How to submit?

Once you have created a submission summary file for your dataset, you will need the ProteomeXchange submission tool to complete the submission. You can get it from here.

In the welcome screen of the submission tool, please select the option highlighted in the screenshot below to start the bulk submission process. 

Bulk submission